Friday, 13 May 2016

How to Dress Outfit cocktail

Tips when you go to a Business Cocktail: 

   When we attend a cocktail, it is advisable to take with us some business cards in our pockets, as the fundamental reason for these celebrations is to meet and interact with people who usually do not know. The card system to facilitate our data is discrete and appropriate.

   Although we know people that might be interesting for our businesses, we note that not devote ourselves to talk about these issues all the time, plus it never will be left with one person or group but will relate us with as much people as possible.

   We rarely say this, but consider your comfort level. Parties are as much about the socializing as they are about the style, and if you're not at ease in your ensemble it will affect how enjoyable your evening is.

How to Dress? 

   The type of dress for a cocktail depend on several factors. First, it is usual that we indicated the most suitable for the celebration. If no pattern is not given, it will mean that a certain freedom to choose what we will get is allowed. In these cases, we must consider the type of event and venue, and that data will try to apply common sense to dress. Women have, usually with a dress design adapted to most of these celebrations. It is a mix between short and dress for the evening suit.

Here we give you an example how to dress for a business cocktail with shivaya style:

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