Wednesday, 20 September 2017

How maKe Choux !!

This famous and delicious french pastry globally known as CHOUX. Is very easy to make and with this base you can make plenty different and versatility recipes, you just need let it go your imagination.

I just made the most classic and easy presentation, filling with a cream handmade with Mascarpone cheese and chocolate.

Well here the ingredients and instructions:

For Pastry Choux:

125 ml water
50 gr Unsalted Butter
10 gr Sugar
5 gr salt
100 gr Flour
3 eggs (approx.)

For the top of the choux:

100 gr Flour
80 gr Butter
100 gr Brown Sugar


20 gr or less Cocoa powder (depends how dark you wants the filling)
100 gr Icing Sugar
80 gr Butter
80 gr Mascarpone Cheese


For the top of the choux:

Mix all the ingredients well, until become a dough, stretch the dough with a roller until it is 3 mm thick, put this in the freezer since you make the choux.

For the Choux:

put in a pan the water with butter, salt and sugar, bring this mixture to a boil point, remove from the stuff add the flour, mix quickly and well, them put again in the fire for 1 min or until the mix that rolls in the pan and take off.

Them scramble the egg and star add in small quantities into the dough with a spatula, add more until you until you get a soft dough and when you make a line in the middle of the dough with the spatula slowly reattach.

For the filling:

put in your mixer the butter and the cheese, mix for a couple of min or until get mix this ingredients, and them add the sugar, mix again, them add the cocoa for give them some choco flavor and colour!

When you have all ready.
1. Preheat the oven 200 degrees

2. Use a piping bag for make the choux, them with a circular cookies cutter, cut the dough with brown sugar, put this circles on top of the choux.

3. Put the choux in the oven for 5min with 200 degrees. Them change the temperature to 180 degrees.

4. leave the choux cook for about 20 to 25 min.

5. leave cool down.

Fill to taste!

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