Friday, 12 August 2016

Rings, Rings and more Rings!

Diferents Models, Diferents Materials, the same accessory.. Rings!

Here we have 2 differents models of Rings with the same materials, Gold Filled and Turquoise, the first one have the wire mix with the stone, and the second one have all the stone together as a spiral:

This Model, have stones all together and it's put as a spiral...

Now you can see 2 models, both we Nacar as a main Stone, but now you have Gold filled and Nickel Silver wire:

This model, was handmade with Nickel Silver, Alpaca Wire or German Silver wire

This is a ring handmade with gold filled wire 

I want to show you a Pink Fire Ball Ring, with Alpaca wire handmade as well...

 I hope you like it...

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